A piece of paradise

If you have done the island hopping in Phuket and you just want a quick 30 min speedboat ride to a beautiful little secluded island then Coral island ..

Wonderful Diving Trip at Phuket- Merlin Divers - Kamala Diving Center

Its great time of diving trip at Phuket with Merlin Diver. My freinds and I participate the discovery dive program of Merlin Diver on Dec 2011. It is ..

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Phuket is a big island and getting around can be somewhat difficult and expensive compared with Bangkok. In Bangkok all you have to do is to flag down a taxi on the street. And expect to be taken where you want without any problem with the driver. Where in Phuket a tuk-tuk taxi is costly and drivers are not always reliable.
Tuk-tuk fare between Paradise Beach and the center of Patong is 300 baht, a distance of 6 km. In Bangkok the same distance would cost you 60 baht without counting the time when the taxi stand still.

Public transport is limited and slow, but cheap. Bus goes from Phuket City to every major beach.

The best solution is to rent a car with driver or a motorbike. Be careful since Phuket has a high accident rate, mostly involving motorbikes.

By Bus (Bangkok - Phuket)

Going by bus is a cheaper alternative to flying. Night busses go every afternoon around 5-7 pm from the Southern Bus Station in Bangkok, located not far west of the Chao Praya River, to Phuket City. The trip will take 10 - 12 hours including a 30 minutes stop at a restaurant around midnight.

The best class is VIP with 24 or 32 seats. If you can, always go with VIP 24 as they have far more legroom and it will be a veeery long trip.
The whole bus has very high standard with large deep reclining seats with safety belts. Ensuring a very comfortable trip where most people should have no problem to sleep and of course air condition is standard both on VIP 24 and 32.

At the beginning of the trip a small cake and something to drink will be given out. On board is also a good toilet if you should feel the need. Two small TV screens show American movies dubbed in Thai.

At midnight the bus will stop for 30 minutes at a restaurant where you will get free Thai meal and a chance to stretch your legs.

When arriving early in the morning in Phuket City, tuk-tuks will be waiting to take you to your hotel.

The cost for VIP-24 was 970 baht (1070 baht, 2009) and VIP-32 was 596 baht a few years ago.

By Air (Bangkok - Phuket)

From Bangkok to Phuket with Thai Airways cost 2,000 - 3,000 baht economy class.
There are 8 departures every day and the flight takes one hour and twenty minutes.

Budget carrier AirAsia offer tickets from 1,100-2,000 baht.

From Phuket Airport to your hotel: A taxi will cost you 500-550 baht to Patong, more to Karon and Kata. Expect a fast and for some, scary ride. A cheaper alternative is a shared minivan.

Car With Driver

We always call Watcharin Transfer Service when we need a car with driver. Always on time, never any problems. Watcharin Transfer Service use the Toyota Wish minivan. A spacious and very comfortable car.


Tuk-tuk is an Phuket version of a taxi. A small uncomfortable car with entrance either on the back or on the left side. Coming in all colors with red as the most popular.
Fun for short distances, but not recommended if you are thinking of a trip more than a few kilometers. And it's very expensive. To be found in every major tourist area.

Had one of several bad experiences with tuk-tuks when we had to go to the hospital in a hurry. We paid six times what we else would for a few minutes drive.

Taking a tuk-tuk around Patong will set you back 150-200 baht. From Patong to nearby beaches like Paradise, Karon, Kata, Kamala, Surin should cost 300-400 baht.

A tuk-tuk take six to eight people and it's very important to agree about the price before going, to avoid problems.

Motorbike Taxi

Motorbike taxi cost 40-50 baht per person. This is in Patong, going further cost much more.

Motorbike taxi is cheaper than tuk-tuk, and they are to be found on every street corner. Very popular with Thais that don't have their own motorbike since walking is not what they like best.

As with tuk-tuk always ask for the price before you go.

Song Taew

Local open air bus (painted blue), that go from Phuket City to every major beach. It's cheap, only 10-30 baht.

But you can't take the bus directly from Patong Beach to Karon Beach. Instead you have to go first to Phuket City then change bus back to Karon.

Only use Songtaews when you are not in a hurry.

Songtaews run from 7 AM to 6 PM daily.

Renting Motorbikes

The best way to see the island is to rent your own vehicle. For shorter trips a Honda 125cc bike is preferred by most tourists. Costing between 200 - 300 baht per day.
It's common to see tourists zip around without wearing more than a short, enjoying the warm tropical sun. But be aware of that motorbikes are seldom insured and expenses as a result of an accident could be costly.

For cruising along the coastline with your girlfriend, go for a bigger bike like 400cc Honda CBR.

For longer trips on Phuket Island a alternative to motorbike is to rent a car with driver.

With an international driver's license you can rent your own car and go off the island to neighboring provinces of Phang Nga and Krabi.