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If you have done the island hopping in Phuket and you just want a quick 30 min speedboat ride to a beautiful little secluded island then Coral island ..

Wonderful Diving Trip at Phuket- Merlin Divers - Kamala Diving Center

Its great time of diving trip at Phuket with Merlin Diver. My freinds and I participate the discovery dive program of Merlin Diver on Dec 2011. It is ..

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Phuket: Sports & Activities

Phuket: Sports & Activities
Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand, and there are several excellent beaches. The waters are usually clear and very good for diving. There are a lot of tourists all year round, but slightly less during low season (rainy season), from May till September.
As long as you avoid the usually crowded Patong and Karon beaches on the west coast, you can easily find remote beaches for walking, jogging, or just relaxing. There are not many sights to speak of on the island, but perhaps that makes it all so relaxed.

Two of the main attractions near Phuket are the Phi Phi Islands and the Phang Nga Bay, with the so-called James Bond Island. The name comes from The Bond film "Man with The Golden Gun" which was partly filmed on this small island. There is a good choice of organized day trips by speedboat from Phuket to both the Phi Phi Islands and Phang Nga Bay.

Closer to Phuket are interesting islands as well, the islands south-of Phuket, Coral island, Koh Lone and Koh Racha are perfect to visit on a daytrip on a sailing boat.

Ocean activities are the biggest draw for tourists in Phuket. Courses and equipment are available at most major beaches for scuba diving, snuba diving, powersnorkeling, as well as snorkeling in the lagoons with coral reefs. You can find plenty of good dive sites all around Phuket (shark point, anemone reef, etc.) but there are some world class dive sites you don’t want to miss for any reason. You can join a 5 days live aboard to the Similan Islands , a natural reserve where you can spot wales sharks and manta rays. There is also the number one spot in the Andaman sea, Hin Daeng , situated just few hours of speed boat from Phuket. It is important to notice than coral reefs were left mostly untouched by the 2004 tsunami.

Night snorkeling at Coral Island Club on Banana Beach, Coral Island is a new, exciting adventure activity. The totally deserted beach has the very best coral in the region, no dangers (or sharks) and is the only beach that is sheltered in the monsoon season so Coral Island Club is the closest and very best day trip every day of the year.

Camping over night is also a popular activity at the Coral Island Club at Banana Beach, Coral Island. The bamboo salas (huts) are right on the beach and have mossy nets and side covers. It is "on the beach-off the sand" During the day, there is fantastic snorkeling, powersnorkeling, sea kayaking, parasailing, banana boat rides, bush walking,. By late afternoon the beach is deserted, out come the Horn Bill birds, a sunset beach barbeque fires up and total serenity reigns.

Cruising overnight is another option with River Rovers, they can take small private parties for one/two days or more, cruising through the Thai Chin Canal to Kho Maphrao, no other liveaboard tour boat can make this trip as the water is too shallow and the bridge is too low, a very peaceful and laid back trip, they also have a snorkelling sleigh which is towed behind the boat at very slow speeds over coral, no leg work or arm work necessary just hold on and enjoy the under water world, amazing. They will take you to some amazing beaches away from the crowds, the trips are not available at tour desks or resorts, book direct with River Rovers.

You can rent wind surfboards, dinghies, canoes and yachts from many locations for those interested in boating. For a more colorful adventure you can explore the limestone caverns of Phang Nga Bay on guided tours in inflatable canoes.

While scuba diving is probably one of the most popular activities in Phuket, the island also offers many opportunities for more land-oriented outdoor activities such as mountain biking through the western range of the island. Guided horseback tours are also a relaxing way to go sightseeing. Phuket also has a few beautiful golf courses that were built on the remains of the tin mines that first brought industry to the island.     For those interested in tennis or beach volleyball and other family orientated sports there is a user friendly facility without restrictive membership requirements in Rawai, the southern part of the island, hard to find as its a bit out of the way, but worth the effort.

Those interested in an exciting local spectator sport might enjoy checking out the Thai boxing , or "Muay Thai", at Saphan Hin stadium in Phuket Town.  Boxers strike blows at and with every part of their bodies, making this a very thrilling spectator event.

 Please remember to regard the waters of the west coast beaches as dangerous at certain times of the year. Many visitors who were not aware or warned of the dangers have had their lives ruined by the loss of their partner, child or friend to a drowning incident, many on their first day of their dream holiday. Beware; take extreme care. The lifeguard service although they do their best on a very limited budget are not up to the professional standard of Australia or the USA.. Swimming is not part of the Thai culture, not even part of the school curriculum.

On a slightly different note please also be aware of the jet skis not only from a personal safety point of view whilst swimming but also from a rental point of view. Many visitors have been charged or even threatened with violence upon return of the vessel which, they the vendor claims to have been damaged. The damage of course being preexisting. There have been many articles in the local press, some making headlines overseas and featuring in documentaries as well on this matter. Very simple DO NOT RENT A JET SKI.   The same applies to a lesser degree to motorbike and car rental where the vendor also wishes to also hold your passport as security. Remember your passport is not yours to give willy nilly, it is the property of your government.