A piece of paradise

If you have done the island hopping in Phuket and you just want a quick 30 min speedboat ride to a beautiful little secluded island then Coral island ..

Wonderful Diving Trip at Phuket- Merlin Divers - Kamala Diving Center

Its great time of diving trip at Phuket with Merlin Diver. My freinds and I participate the discovery dive program of Merlin Diver on Dec 2011. It is ..

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General Phrases

General Phrases
Some phrases will help you communicate with many people when you come to Phuket

Hello / Goodbye

sawat dee (khrup / kha)

Thank you

khop khun (khrup / kha)

Sorry / Excuse me

khoa thot (khrup / kha)


chai (khrup / kha)


mai chai (khrup / kha)

How are you?

sabai dee mai?

I'm fine / not well (ill)

sabai dee / mai sabai

I (don't) understand

(mai) khao jai

It doesn't matter

mai pen rai

I don't want

mai aow

love you

Rak khun




mai dee

I am happy

Mee kwam suk





Very good

dee mak